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It is with the utmost regret, that Community Microskills Development Centre former Board of Directors must announce that effective Wednesday, February 15, 2017, the agency known as "Microskills" is in the hands of a bankruptcy Trustee and the agency is closed immediately.

Several years of consecutive deficits have imperiled the agency's financial sustainability and the agency cannot meet its future obligations, including financial liabilities. These deficits have compounded over the years for a variety of reasons resulting in the business model of the agency being unsustainable. The Board of Directors and senior staff, including its newly appointed Chief Executive, could not in good conscience promise to deliver on future contractual obligations vis-à-vis its various government contracts; hence, the requirement to evoke this voluntary bankruptcy action.

Microskills' Board is saddened by this development and the potential negative impact this will have on our dedicated staff and over 18,000 clients served annually. The Board and senior staff worked all options to address financial challenges but in the end they were not able to find a workable solution that would be sustainable for the long term.

Notwithstanding this unfortunate development, Microskills is confident that a strong network of community services will step up to ensure that local needs continue to be addressed both now and for years to come. We are also confident that funders, both inside and outside government, will continue to recognize the needs in Rexdale and North York and the importance of prioritizing investment in building our community's capacity and wellbeing.

Microskills is proud of its long legacy of serving the unemployed with its priority to women, racial minorities, youth and immigrants. For 33 years, Microskills was successful in helping hundreds of thousands of people to fully participate in Canadian society and assist them in acquiring the skills needed to achieve self-determination and economic, social and political equality.

We thank the Rexdale and North York community for its support, engagement and leadership over many years. No doubt the incredible spirit and energy of our residents will continue to be a positive compass for a bright future in this corner of our city.